The Saint Cecilia Choir sings from an eclectic repertoire, from the ancient masters of chant and polyphony to the living composers of sacred music. The choir strives to inspire the congregation with sung prayer.

When do you rehearse? Wednesdays from 7pm-8:30pm
When do you sing? Twice a month.
Who can join? Everyone with a singing voice, with a basic knowledge of music, and who can demonstrate a commitment to the choir schedule.
Interested? Contact Elizabeth Maurey

Members of the choir have access to one-on-one voice coaching and music theory instruction.

"As a manifestation of the human spirit, music performs a function which is noble, unique, and irreplaceable. When it is truly beautiful and inspired, it speaks to us more than all the other arts of goodness, virtue, peace, of matters holy and divine. Not for nothing has it always been, and will it always be, an essential part of the liturgy." -  Pope Saint John Paul II (1989)

Prayer to Saint Cecilia

"Saint Cecilia, we ask you to inspire musicians to gladden the hearts of people by filling the air with God's gift of music and reminding them of the divine Musician who created all beauty. Amen."


Contact Damaris Zehner

Propers Texts for July 26 and 27

I. Introit

God is in his holy dwelling place; * the God who causes us to dwell one at heart, in his house; he himself will give power and strength to his people. (1) Let god arise; let his foes be scattered. * Let those who hate him flee from his presence. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away; † like wax that melts before the fire, * so the wicked shall perish at the presence of God. (2) But the just shall rejoice at the presence of God; * they shall exult with glad rejoicing. O sing to god; make music to his name. † Extol the one who rides on the clouds. * The Lord is his name; exult at his presence.

II. Offertory

I will extol you, O Lord, * for you have drawn me up, and have not let my foes rejoice over me. O Lord, I cried unto you and you healed me (1) O Lord, you have lifted up my soul from the grave, * restored me to life from those who sink into the pit. (2) Sing psalms to the Lord, you faithful ones; * give thanks to his holy name. His anger lasts a moment; his favor all through life. * At night come tears, but dawn brings joy. (3) I said to myself in my good fortune: * “I shall never be shaken.” O Lord, your favor had set me like a mountain stronghold. * Then you hid your face, and i was put to confusion. (4) To you, O Lord, I cried, * to my god i appealed for mercy: “What profit is my lifeblood, my going to the grave? * Can dust give you thanks, or proclaim your faithfulness?”

III. Communion

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant seeking fine pearls; having found one of great worth, he went and sold all that he had, and he bought it. (1) I will bless the Lord at all times; * praise of him is always in my mouth. In the Lord my soul shall make its boast; * the humble shall hear and be glad. (2) Glorify the Lord with me; * together let us praise his name. I sought the Lord, and he answered me; * from all my terrors he set me free. (3) Look towards him and be radiant; * let your faces not be abashed. This lowly one called; the Lord heard, * and rescued him from all his distress. (4) The angel of the Lord is encamped * around those who fear him, to rescue them. Taste and see that the Lord is good. * Blessed the man who seeks refuge in him. (5) The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; * those whose spirit is crushed he will save. The Lord ransoms the souls of his servants. * All who trust in him shall not be condemned.

Annunciation Catholic Church Strategic Plan 2020-23

strategy compass

That this strategic plan for 2020 to 2023 is accepted and endorsed by the Annunciation Catholic Church Parish Council of Brazil, Indiana. The Parish Council further accepts the responsibility of assisting the Pastor in the oversight of this plan’s implementation and of conducting a regular review of its progress and any needed adjustments or modifications to the plan as needed during its implementation cycle. Click here to view and download our strategic plan.


Sunday Bulletin
Click to see our bulletin.

Weekend Mass Times
Saturday: 5pm in Greencastle (Open to Anyone)
Saturday: 7pm in Brazil (Open to Anyone)
Sunday: 9am in Brazil (Open to Anyone)
Sunday: 11am (Open to Anyone) Greencastle
5pm in Greencastle (Open to Anyone)

Weekday Mass Times
Tuesday 9am
Wednesday 5:30pm Mass (will change to 5pm on Sept 8th)
Thursday 9am in Greencastle

9am-11am first Saturday of the month and after each daily Mass
Saturday: 4-4:45pm in Greencastle
Saturday: in Brazil after the 7pm Mass
Sunday 8-8:45am
Sunday after 11am Mass in Greencastle

Every Tuesday's 930am-11am
Every Thursday Noon- 7pm
Last Sunday of the month 10am-1pm
First Saturday of the month 9am-11am

The Propers
What are the Propers? Do you have recordings of them? Why do we sing them?

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