Fr. Hollowell's Status and Update on Annunciation Catholic Church

  • - Father Hollowell is on a medical leave of absence while finishing chemo,
  • - Daily masses are suspended at this time.
  • - Weekend mass and confession are still as scheduled.
  • - The temporary parish administrator at both parishes is Fr Mike Fritsch.
  • - The temporary sacramental minister is Fr Joe Newton.

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday: 5pm in Greencastle (Open to Anyone)
Saturday: 7pm in Brazil (Open to Anyone)
Sunday: 9am in Brazil (Open to Anyone)
Sunday: 11am (Open to Anyone) Greencastle

Weekday Mass Times

Postponed until further notice


Saturday: 4-4:45pm in Greencastle
Saturday: in Brazil after the 7pm Mass
Sunday 8-8:45am
Sunday after 11am Mass in Greencastle


First Sunday of the month from 10 am until 1 pm
Every Tuesday 9am-8pm

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Welcome to Annunciation Catholic Church!

We are glad that you stopped by. Please feel free to peruse the pages of this site, visit our church, experience the sacraments, help us with our restoration project, and engage our parish community.  Please pray for us as we offer our intentions for your journey in Faith.  God bless you, Fr. John Hollowell, Pastor

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We would like to introduce you to our Capital Campaign!  Click the image of our church on the left to view a video of our restoration project or click here to watch it now!  We are excited for this campaign and invite you to be a part of our growth in our church! God is Good!Read more

Annunciation Catholic Church Strategic Plan 2016-2019

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That this strategic plan for 2016 to 2019 is accepted and endorsed by the Annunciation Catholic Church Parish Council of Brazil, Indiana. The Parish Council further accepts the responsibility of assisting the Pastor in the oversight of this plan’s implementation and of conducting a regular review of its progress and any needed adjustments or modifications to the plan as needed during its implementation cycle. Click here to view and download our strategic plan.

Restoration CD Just Released!

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Celebrate the Christmas season with the CD of our own St. Ambrose Schola Cantorum of Annunciation Catholic Church!  This album showcases sacred music in hopes to create exceptional beauty at Mass.   Click here to read more and to purchase your copy today!

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Holy Days Mass Times
Please see our bulletin.

Saturday: 4-4:45pm in Greencastle
Saturday: in Brazil after the 7pm Mass
Sunday 8-8:45am
Sunday after 11am Mass in Greencastle

The Propers
What are the Propers? Do you have recordings of them? Why do we sing them?

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