At our Catholic Church, the sacrament of marriage is a sacred and joyous union between two people who commit to loving and supporting each other for a lifetime. Through the sacrament of marriage, couples enter into a covenant with God and each other, with the grace of the Holy Spirit strengthening their bond. Our church offers guidance and support for couples as they prepare for this lifelong commitment, including pre-marriage counseling and marriage enrichment programs. We believe that marriage is a gift from God, and we strive to help couples grow in love and deepen their faith as they embark on this beautiful journey together.

Marriage Preparation

Our program includes classes and workshops on various topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, intimacy, and spirituality. Couples are encouraged to attend a Pre-Cana retreat, which provides an opportunity for engaged couples to learn and grow in their relationship with each other and with God.


Please contact the Parish Office at 812-448-1901 for more information.


The Marriage Preparation process usually takes up to six weeks, so please plan in advance.

Marriage Enrichment

We offer retreats that can enrich your marriage. Please contact the Parish Office for more information about our current retreat opportunities.

Prayer for a Married Couple

O God, who in creating the human race
willed that man and wife should be one,
keep, we pray, in bond of inseparable love
those who are united in the covenant of Marriage,
so that, as you make their love fruitful,
they may become, by your grace, witnesses to charity itself.
Through Christ our Lord